While re watching yesterday's game I hear the annoucers say "Even Jim Harbaugh doesn't have his heart into complaining about that". While he was complaining, it just want' quite Harbaugh Style lol...

Posted 4 days, 3 hours ago

Alexander J DeweyNiners had many bad calls against them this year and that call for roughing the passer at SEATTLE was like "really?!?? Another one!!!" There is no point of arguing at incompetent Ed Hochuli...that's why Coach gave up on complaining.3 days, 18 hours ago

Dave CramerThere was only one niner fan who had a heart to complain. I live in the bay area and i expected facebook to blow up. 1 person, out of a good 200 said something. The rest i think were just defeated!4 days, 3 hours ago

Myke MaloneyI'm glad I'm not the only one that re watches the games haha4 days, 3 hours ago

Jesse Nieto GonzalesGive and take every game. Would have been 13-7 at that point.3 days, 18 hours ago

Dave Cramerim not suprised either, it was a bad call and they were probably just like, well, its over4 days, 3 hours ago

Today at Bill McNally's Irish Pub #Gohawks!

Posted 5 days, 6 hours ago

We are going to Bill McNally's Irish Pub tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Here's a list of places to watch the game where Seahawks fans are known to flock and are welcomed in. We have been getting more members in the Modesto area and would love to set something up there too! The Abbey Tavern 4100 Geary Blvd SF, CA drink specials YES: $6 bloody Mary's, $6 Mimosa's and $3.50 aluminum pint bottles of bud / bud light. Bill McNally's Irish Pub 5352 College Ave Oakland, CA (May have drink specials). St. Stephen's Green 223 Castro St Mountain View, CA (No drink specials). Sports Page Restaurant and Bar 1595 Eureka rd Roseville, CA (No drink specials). Danny Coyle's 668 Haight St SF, CA. (No drink specials). Casa Ramos EDH All day happy hour drinks specials $2.50 draft and $5 margaritas. Steiners Tavern Miko's Japanese Cuisine

Posted 6 days ago

Gee WanThank you for sharing all these places 😊6 hours, 17 minutes ago

Brandon TrinidadTied House Brewery in Mountain View is Ah-mazing!5 days, 22 hours ago

Tobias K. HamptonMcNally's will have drink specials. $3.00 Sierra Drafts and a shot special. We will also be ordering pizza for all of our Hawk fans at halftime!6 days ago

Jesse Nieto GonzalesWill be there. Go Hawks.5 days, 21 hours ago

Jojo Descallarwhere ya gonna be next week against Cards?5 days, 5 hours ago

Today's game we will be at the The Abbey Tavern in SF! This is an East Coast game with a "late" 1:25PST start time. Parking is either on the street (metered) or at the Smart and Final around the corner. You can bring food in if you like. #GOHAWKS!

Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

Norcal Sea HawkersA GREAT turn out and a GREAT win!!! (and 49er loss ;)1 week, 5 days ago

It is a GLORIOUS day here in the Bay Area!!! Sun is shining, the weekend is coming and OH YA, that OTHER thing!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Lance SmithI'm still rocking my seahawks gear!! I'm loving it3 weeks ago

Darren PhillipsYou guys did good representing down there. We noticed!3 weeks ago

Roman Marisa GomezWe live in the central valley haven't seen no 9 ers gear out here!! They even took there flags off there trucks. Haha3 weeks ago

Pete CamachoHere in Monterey County my neighbors were wearing their 9ers gear all week since Sunday. (Husband kids Wife) Now I see him wearing a black shirt. He must be getting ready to leave the "empire" for the "nation". LoL3 weeks ago

Pete CamachoYes it is. Nothing better than being a 12 in NorCal!3 weeks ago

Jesse Nieto GonzalesLoving life. Go Hawks !!!!!!!3 weeks ago

Megan Wagner😂😂😂💚💙💚💙 best ending of Thanksgiving EVER! 💙💚💙💚3 weeks ago

Marco WiebesStill hanging the 12th flag at the house !2 weeks, 6 days ago

Briana Durden BaxterBest Thanksgiving ever!3 weeks ago

This is just nuts that we HAVE to sit down!!! CRAZY!

Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Nicole RomansFrom Roseville, CA but in Tallahassee FLORIDA (with Fam for turkey day) screaming and jumpin for joy ~ it's 10:35pm and I'm totally AMP'D baby ~~ GO HAWKS !!!!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Ali Brooks HaywoodWoah! We're visiting from Seattle, sitting in Sec 414 and just got told we have to sit down, doesn't matter who has the ball. Wtf?!3 weeks, 1 day ago

TJ MillerI remember that rule from last years game it's ok to stand if your a niner but if your jersey is blue they will kick you out!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Norcal Sea HawkersBoo! Go Hawks!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Dan FosterMy wife the Niner fan is disgusted too. Go Hawks!!!!!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Chris BerghoutGo Hawks! We need to close out!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Vanessa HughbanksColette Shaw so we would have to go to Seattle for our game. Lol3 weeks, 1 day ago

Vanessa HughbanksWow! That would be a Niners stadium rule. Lol. Like its going to help! LOUDER 12s! 💚💙💚💙3 weeks, 1 day ago

Dan PateHey, isn't that logo where Wilson and Sherman ate some turkey last night? 😜3 weeks ago

Jennifer WaitsThat frickin sucks! What a game our boyz had! Woohoo!!! SEAHAWKS!!!3 weeks ago

Briana Durden BaxterAnd that is why I will not be going to Levi!!!3 weeks ago

Craig N Trish Gallagheri don't understand, sit down @ a seahawk game? huh?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Eric N. HinzeWow no wonder SF CANT win. No fan support...3 weeks, 1 day ago

Wendy Haelle HurstWait- wut3 weeks, 1 day ago

Angela BrooksI had the same issue when we played at Tampa a few years ago. So ridiculous. That's what happens when the home team doesn't have real fans. They don't know how to act.3 weeks, 1 day ago

Angela BushongBoooooo!!!!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Kari BurrowsHuh?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Tiffany Tokiwa BeaudryHoly crap. Common Defense!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Ward GeisUgh, Nancy ass Niners stadium.3 weeks, 1 day ago

Jamie BoothmanF#ck them!! Winer fans!!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Mandy Phillips SparksIt's working!!!!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Jennifer Milligan GrahamWtf?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Carrie MitchellWhat? Says who?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Mark Ramichour boys did real good today3 weeks, 1 day ago

Adriane Coblentz HerringWait, what? You can't stand?!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Norcal sea hawkers are here, flags are flying canopy is up in cement near recycle center #Gohawks

Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Jolyn JacobsThank u so much for getting us together. Came from Tacoma and had a great time.3 weeks ago

Thea Mazing FitchittThank you for the hospitality!! We had a blast!!2 weeks, 6 days ago

Larry BalboaCome up North to Real San Francisco and Party!!!! San Francisco is so much more like Seattle then Santa Clara.3 weeks, 1 day ago

Kim HernandezSEAHAWKS!!!!! <33 weeks, 1 day ago

Chris WardAt the front of blue lot13 weeks, 1 day ago

Chris WardFor anyone that's looking we're right across from citrix3 weeks, 1 day ago

Eric CressGO HAWKS3 weeks, 1 day ago

Chris WardYeah where lol3 weeks, 1 day ago

Dennis RiceWhere u guys at?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Mandy Phillips SparksGo Hawks!!!! 💙🏈💚3 weeks, 1 day ago

Briana Durden Baxter#GoHawks!3 weeks, 1 day ago

Julian RodriguezAbout how many 12s are there?3 weeks, 1 day ago

Public parking across the street from Pier parking is $15 all day way better price: but no validation with coupons!

Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. blanca casas

    hi there,
    I’m a 12th living in Los Angeles..,Me & four friends wanna go to the Niner game 12/08 but dont feel safe to.
    We read an article on the San Francisco Chronicle about the Colts game’ how girls are beating up other girls …its just getting so bad out there.
    By any chance are you guys going ?? I read on your website that you get group tickets & sit together.
    please let us know…

    thank you!!!

  2. Sean Cochran

    Nice to know there are some people who know what real football looks like!! me and some buddies are headed over from Seattle for our first road game and can’t wait to waive the 12th flag in Frisco. see you all at the pier and tailgate on Sunday

  3. Tina Weston

    I’m in Sacramento and need to find a Hawk friendly place to watch the game. Any ideas? I live in Rockin and am a lifelong Seahawks fan!


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